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Dongguan Yiren Industrial Co., Ltd. (Yida Technology), established in September 2005, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R D, manufacturing and sales of automatic dispensing equipment. Strong R D force, exquisite technology and high-quality service. The main products include: automatic dispensing machine, two-component glue filling machine, hot melt glue dispensing machine, online visual dispensing system, glue quantity controller, high-speed piezoelectric injection valve, precision screw pump, screw machine, soldering machine, etc. Products are widely used in wireless communication, electronics, semiconductors, solar energy, automobiles, medical devices, handicrafts and chemical industries - all these industrial fields are committed to the technical research and development of high-profit and high-value products. For example, the improvement of product production and quality is directly related to the development of an enterprise. Liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are widely used in various production fields in modern industry. With the needs of rapid industrial development, liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are constantly developing to...

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