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Key points for selecting glue for automatic dispensing machi

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The automatic dispensing machine is designed, configured and assembled according to the type of glue used at the beginning. Whether a dispensing machine can use multiple glues is not possible in most cases. According to the type and characteristics of glue, there are many models of automatic dispensing machine. For example, hot melt adhesive is solid at room temperature. It needs to be hot melt adhesive at a certain temperature to have fluidity and adhesion. Therefore, the automatic hot melt adhesive dispenser has a special air pressure temperature control device and a dispensing heating head that can be heated directly. The different viscosity and fluidity of glue are also the factors affecting the configuration and equipment of automatic dispensing machine. Therefore, when purchasing an automatic dispensing machine, you must understand the parameters and properties of your own glue. Returning to the work of automatic dispensing machine, dispensing machine and product are inseparable. The size parameter of the product determines the size of the automatic dispensing equipment. As long as there is a machine for placing products, only one automatic dispensing machine is needed, which can complete the automatic dispensing operation according to different rules and products of different sizes. In other words, as long as the product can be placed on the automatic dispensing machine, no matter how the product changes, the operator can use the programming program of the automatic dispensing machine to realize automatic dispensing. Uniform and stable dispensing, no glue leakage, no wire drawing, long continuous work, etc. are the advantages of automatic dispensing machine. Automatic dispensing machine has incomparable advantages over manual operation.

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