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01 professional and fast service team

1. Professional senior technical team to provide users with comprehensive technical support. More than ten service outlets and four special service vehicles quickly help customers solve problems. Service outlets are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and other electronic industry developed regions; Shenzhen headquarters, Xiamen Office, Wuhan Office, Suzhou Branch, Hangzhou Office, Shanghai office, Beijing office, Zhengzhou office, Chongqing Office, etc.

2. The after sales department shall reply within half an hour after receiving the equipment failure notice, and solve the problem on site within 3 hours in the Pearl River Delta; Solve problems on site within 24 hours outside the Pearl River Delta( If the start-up cannot produce normally, the after-sales personnel shall communicate with the customer and arrive at the site within the time required by the customer).

3. Technical service works for 7 * 24 hours without holidays.

02 perfect service system

1. After the equipment arrives at the user end, professional engineering and technical personnel shall install and debug on site.

2. Technicians are stationed in the factory and are responsible for training and technical guidance.

3. Technicians are responsible for comprehensive training, including equipment installation, operation, editing procedures, commissioning, maintenance and other precautions.

4. After the training, those who pass the examination can be issued with the operation certificate provided by Deson company.

03 customer return visit and service document management

1. Our marketing or after-sales personnel will call back once a week to understand the operation and use of the machine.

2. Regardless of new and old customers, our company has arranged after-sales or marketing personnel to contact and follow up, so as to find and solve problems in time.

3. Establish a complete service file management method and record the details of each return visit, so as to facilitate engineering, R & D and reference research.

04 after sales service system and customer complaint handling

1. After sales personnel shall be subject to the management of the company during the service period of the customer company.

2. After sales personnel must abide by the customer's management system and factory rules and disciplines.

3. The after-sales personnel shall fill in the corresponding service report during their stay in the factory, and send it back to our company after being signed and confirmed by the relevant technical personnel of the customer.

4. If the customer finds that the after-sales service personnel of our company behave improperly or the service is not in place during the service period, please call our company at any time to complain. After the investigation is true, our company will announce, record a demerit, dismiss and other serious treatment.

5. Other service personnel can be replaced and dispatched according to the actual situation of the complaint.

05 complaint mode

1. Telephone dismantling: contact relevant sales personnel or call liannuo company at 17322180037

2. Mail delivery:

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