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Advantages of on-line dispensing machine

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Advantages of on-line dispensing machine
1. All Chinese operation interface, easy to learn and use.
2. Drawing point, straight line, weight line, continuous line, arc, circle, ellipse, runway, distance shape, spiral, coating, continuous repair of irregular 3D spline curve, combined polyline and other graphic elements. Rich manual teaching functions.
3. The handheld box supports the import of computer CAD drawings into PLT format files, realizes the direct import of file path data, and omits complex manual instructions, which is convenient and accurate. The pasting of graphic logo and text in the advertising industry is very convenient.
4. The online dispensing machine has the functions of matrix replication, translation operation, batch editing, one-step operation, I / O input and output, etc.
5. The system has the functions of automatic execution, automatic reset, output setting, processing time timer, etc. There are four different drawing processes to meet different application requirements.
6. After editing the motion parameters, the motion parameters can be transmitted to the controller through the serial port and can be operated offline and independently. It is not only convenient for installation, but also simple for operation and setting. The action parameters can also be saved in the SD card of the handheld box for easy calling; And you can copy and save drawings between devices.
7. The handheld box is equipped with 128msd card, which can store thousands of processing files. Each file can support 8000 instructions and can be transferred out when in use.​


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