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Product characteristics of visual dispensing machine

Release date:2021-08-24 10:15   Views:
Visual dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment developed and produced. It has the advantages of high precision, high productivity, low cost and simple operation.
Product characteristics of visual dispensing machine:
1. The whole area visual alignment system and high-precision visual positioning system are used for automatic recognition.
Dispensing directly without precision fixture;
2. The non-contact high-precision spraying dispensing system is adopted, which can accurately dispense a small amount of glue in a small gap;
3. High precision laser automatic height measurement system can be selected to accurately identify the change of product height and ensure the consistency of dispensing height;
4. It can automatically identify defective or non adhesive products and save production costs;
5. The automatic design of the left and right worktables can realize the uninterrupted operation of feeding and dispensing, and greatly improve the production efficiency.

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