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Application field of visual dispensing machine

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Visual dispensing machine is mainly operated and controlled by visual intelligent system. It uses a high-definition camera to locate the coordinates of the product (the product can be placed at will), and transmits the coordinate values to achieve the dispensing effect. Because of its high dispensing accuracy, fast running speed, single station and double station can be selected, it is used in different industries. Dispensing machine manufacturers can help enterprises realize mechanized production and replace manual operation. It is simple, convenient, high-speed and accurate. SD card storage mode is convenient for data management and file transmission between machines; It can be equipped with a two-component pumping system to form a double liquid automatic dispensing machine.
Dispensing machine, also known as dispensing machine, glue dropping machine, glue filling machine, etc. Special liquid control. The utility model relates to an automatic machine for dripping liquid on the surface or inside of a product, which can realize three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, accurate positioning, accurate glue control, no wire drawing, no glue leakage and no glue dripping.
The following visual dispenser manufacturers will explain the scope of application of the visual dispenser.
1. Labels, nameplates, trademarks, stickers, cartoon stickers, wallpapers, toy stickers, etc.
2. Electronics industry: PCB circuit board, cob bonding products, lithium battery, etc.
3. Led: LED lamp, LCD, etc.
4. Hardware accessories: buttons, underwear buttons, key chains, belt buckles, badges, top badges, pendants, etc.

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