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Four elements of on-line dispensing machine maintenance

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1. To replace the rubber of the on-line dispensing machine, please clean the pipe. At this time, first close the feed valve, open the discharge valve, then close the discharge valve, open the feed valve, pour the cleaning solvent into the rubber storage barrel, start the machine body, and press out the solvent according to the normal operation mode for flushing.
2 online dispensing machine. If the air pressure intake is abnormal and water vapor is found, please remove the water vapor in the pressure regulating filter or check whether the air pressure source is abnormal. Before using a large amount of glue, please try a small amount of glue to master the use skills of the product to avoid mistakes. When there is no problem in the test, use double liquid dropper or double liquid glue filling machine for mass production; The vacuumizing system vacuumizes the glue to remove the bubbles generated in the mixing process, or stand for 10-20 minutes for reuse to remove the bubbles generated in the mixing process in time; The more glue mixed together.
3. For the online dispensing machine, please wipe the machine parts regularly to prolong the service life. The more glue mixed together, the faster the reaction and the faster the curing speed. Therefore, glue should be prepared reasonably according to the actual production situation, otherwise glue will be wasted. Eliminate accidents and improve production efficiency. The hydraulic control technology and dispensing equipment of Dongguan Yida dispensing machine factory are widely used in various production fields of modern industry.
4. Unplugging the power supply when the machine is not used for a long time can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also save a lot of electricity. With the rapid development of industry, liquid control technology and dispensing equipment continue to develop in the direction of ultra-high precision control, diversification and specialization.

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