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Application of plasma surface treatment industry

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Silica gel plasma surface treatment.
The hydrophilic modification of silicone rubber surface by plasma was studied by means of photoelectron spectroscopy and contact angle measurement technology, and the surface dynamic characteristics after modification were studied. The results show that a protective layer is formed on the surface of silicone rubber after plasma treatment, which can obtain better surface hydrophilicity and maintain its surface hydrophilicity.
Plasma surface treatment of glass surface.
It can improve the hydrophilicity of the surface. Plasma cleaning is a "dry" cleaning process, which can enter the next process immediately after material treatment. Therefore, plasma cleaning is a stable and efficient process. Due to the high energy of the plasma, the chemical substances and organic pollutants on the surface of the glass material can be decomposed to effectively remove the attached impurities, improve the energy and hydrophilicity of the glass surface, and make the glass surface meet the conditions of subsequent technical requirements.
Plasma surface treatment of mobile phone shell.
There are all kinds of mobile phones with colorful appearance and eye-catching logo. However, as we all know, after the mobile phone is used for a period of time, the shell is easy to fade, and even the logo will become blurred, which will seriously affect the appearance and image of the mobile phone.
In order to find a solution, some well-known mobile phone brand manufacturers treated the mobile phone plastic shell with chemical reagents to improve the printing adhesion effect, but at the cost of reducing the shell hardness, plasma technology stood out and looked for a better solution. The use of plasma surface treatment technology can not only remove the oil stain left after injection molding of the shell, activate the surface of the plastic shell to a large extent, enhance its printing, painting and other bonding effects, so that the coating on the shell is firmly connected with the substrate, the painting effect is more uniform, the appearance is brighter, wear-resistant, and there will be no paint grinding phenomenon after long-term use.
Plasma surface treatment earphone diaphragm.
Through the signal current, the coil in the earphone continuously drives the diaphragm to vibrate. The combination effect of the coil, diaphragm and earphone shell directly affects the sound effect and service life of the earphone. If the two are separated from each other, sound fragments will be generated, which will seriously affect the sound effect and service life of the headset.
Due to the thin thickness of the vibrating film, while improving the bonding effect, if the chemical treatment method is adopted, it will have a direct impact on the vibrating film material and the vibrating film effect.
Many manufacturers are preparing to adopt new processes to treat the diaphragm, and plasma treatment is one of them. In the case of plasma surface treatment, plasma surface treatment can effectively meet the requirements of users. Through the experiment, the earphone produced by plasma surface treatment process has significantly improved the bonding effect between various parts in the long-time treble test, no sound breaking and other phenomena, and the service life is also greatly improved.

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