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How to control the glue output of visual dispensing machine

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The development of technology can be said to be very successful today. In the manufacturing sales market, the visual dispensing machine may achieve the desired practical effect, because it includes full-automatic positioning service, which can help people manage high-precision and high-efficiency dispensing machines at work. It has many advantages, but powerful function is powerful, It's easy to be abnormal. The common problem is how to control the glue output of the visual dispensing machine. Let's take a look at it together.

The problems causing the general practical effect of glue production are as follows.

1The standard air pressure of airway is insufficient, and the actual effect of glue spraying control is not obvious.

2Leakage and too little glue.

3The secondary application of dispensing needle tube causes the difficulty of plugging the dispensing needle tube.

The standard air pressure of the visual dispenser should be controlled within a certain range, not too high or too low. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause poor glue output. The problem of insufficient standard air pressure will occur if the air pressure tank is unstable. The feed pressure gauge should be adjusted to make it between about 11 ~ 14psi, and the working pressure of the air channel should be controlled within the range of acceptable glue output. The key to the leakage of the visual dispenser is that the glue concentration value is insufficient, resulting in the glue dripping along the needle. If the suction back effect of the vacuum pump can be improved, if a certain amount of air pressure difference relative to the external atmospheric pressure inside the dispensing valve can be used to close the gate valve of the dispenser and maintain the glue output state, so as to improve the grasp of the glue output, the visual dispenser must be repaired in time.

In fact, it is very important to control the amount of glue, because it will immediately endanger the quality of goods. If you want to control the amount of glue, you want to find out how the glue comes out. Generally, there are two methods of glue delivery: one is to apply working pressure to the glue, and the other is to release glue from the surface or back of goods after the glue point is released from the needle tube after the glue is subjected to working pressure, Third, set the dispensing time. The longer the dispensing time, the longer the dispensing time. On the contrary, the shorter the reverse time.


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