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Advantages of automatic soldering machine compared with trad

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Automatic welding machine is a professional technical equipment for composite welding, which is widely used in the field of welding. The welding machine has different welding methods according to the welding requirements. It is a brand image welding machine. It can complete the welding of raw materials independently, which has great advantages compared with the previous manual welding, saves a certain working time and improves the working efficiency. What are the advantages of automatic soldering machine compared with traditional soldering?
Automatic soldering machine makes soldering iron and tin wire do not need the hands of fake operators. It completely replaces your two hands and can adjust your arms to weld at will.
Automatic soldering machine is applied to the welding of transmission lines, electronic components and PCB circuit boards of electronic devices.
Single hand mode, simple welding and simple operation.
High tin output accuracy, convenient operation, tin delivery speed, time and tin return can be adjusted and stable, which can achieve ideal practical effect and significantly improve work efficiency.
Combined optimized structure, no need to install another welding table, just need the soldering iron to cooperate with each other.
The automatic welding equipment of soldering iron heating furnace is fast, smooth and reliable.
The machine has a simple and convenient programming method, which can immediately complete the input of spot welding coordinates, complete online or offline programming, and teach tables to reproduce spot welding coordinates. The gait analysis program is easy to operate, and only needs a simple practical operation teaching box. Spot weld the parts in the internal space at will, and there are no special technical and professional requirements for the actual operators to complete personalized practical homework. The welding robot has many forms of welding methods. The soldering iron parts of the automatic soldering machine can be observed, adjusted in any direction and rotated 360 degrees. Realize the diversification of welding operations.

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