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Uncover the reasons why automatic soldering machines are pop

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Automatic soldering machine is a fully automatic welding equipment, which can replace manual welding equipment. It is composed of several mechanical arms, tin feeding system software, automatic control system and soldering iron system software. Automatic soldering machine has a certain influence in the electronic industry, saving manpower and improving efficiency for the company, which has been recognized by the company. Naturally, it is often loved by the electronics industry because it also has the following advantages:
1. The automatic soldering machine can work continuously for 24 hours and can supplement the production capacity;
2. The unqualified rate of equipment welding products is low and the quality is guaranteed;
3. Prevent raw material consumption caused by poor electrical appliances after the application of manual threading machine.
4. High efficiency, fast welding speed and stable quality. The typical welding speed is several times higher than the traditional manual welding machine.
5. Labor cost can be reasonably saved.
6. Low energy consumption and energy saving. The kinetic energy required by the automatic stringer is far from that required by the manual general stringer.
7. The equipment has long service life and rich long-term economic benefits.
8. The actual operation of the equipment is simple. It only needs to carry out simple on-the-job training for employees in the early stage, so as to reduce the frequency of industrial accidents.

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