Y&D7300N Automatic calibration needle dispensing machine

Brief description:Y&D7000N series manipulator is a very intelligent equipment. It uses optical fiber induction to automatically align. After changing the needle it can automatically correct the needle coordinates without manual adjustment to ensure the dispensin...

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Detailed introduction
Product introduction:

Y&D 7000N series manipulator is a very intelligent equipment. It adopts optical fiber induction for automatic alignment. After changing the needle, it can correct the needle coordinates by itself without manual adjustment to ensure the dispensing accuracy.

The dispensing needle of automatic dispensing machine is the metal needle that can be loaded and unloaded at will at the top of dispensing syringe. Generally speaking, the specification of dispensing needle is relatively small, between 14g-35g. And there are many kinds of color systems, and the most suitable varieties should also be considered in the selection.

Dispensing needles are divided into bayonet needles, stainless steel needles, brush needles, Teflon needles, spiral plastic seat needles, multi tube needles, super long stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles, curved mouth needles, TT inclined needles, PP disturbing needles, etc. All stainless steel pipes are made by Seiko. All stainless steel pipes adopt unique technology. They are precision polished without burrs, which can realize accurate glue delivery, eliminate wire drawing, double screw locking and large-area rotation design, which not only makes the matching safer, but also easier to disassemble.

Folding Teflon dispensing needle

Teflon dispensing needle, also known as quick drying dispensing needle, is a special dispensing needle for quick drying glue.

Folding stainless steel dispensing needle

Stainless steel dispensing needle has a wide range of applications. Due to its high quality, it has the longest service life. Therefore, it is deeply loved by users.

Folding PP flexible dispensing needle

PP flexible dispensing needle can effectively prevent the needle from scratching the panel and the glue is not smooth. It is a highly practical dispensing needle.

Folding TT inclined dispensing needle

TT oblique dispensing needle is an all plastic dispensing needle, which can be selected for those with low flow requirements. Its biggest feature is that it is not easy to block and can be used repeatedly.

Folding screw dispensing needle

Similar to the bayonet dispensing needle, there is a circle of thread on the base of the screw dispensing needle, which is more closely and firmly combined with the needle cylinder, so there are many users of the screw dispensing needle.

Folding bayonet dispensing needle

Bayonet dispensing needle is the most commonly used dispensing needle. Its price is relatively cheap. It is named because there are two small ears on the base that can jam the needle barrel.

Performance parameters:

Item Y&D7300N Y&D7400N Y&D7500N
X/Y/Z working area (mm) 300/300/100 400/400/100 500/500/100
Load worktable 11.0kg / 6.0kg
Speed PTP X&Y/Z (mm/sec) 800/350
Repeatability +/- 0.02mm / axis
Resolution 0.01mm/axis
Data memory 100 programs, 4000 points/program
Data storage CF card
Program Display Teach pendant LCD
Operation system PTP (point to point) & CP (continuous path)
Interpolation Function 3 axis
Program  method Teach pendant
I/O signals 8 inputs / 8 outputs
External interface RS232
Power supply AC 100-230V,300W
Working Rlative Humidity  20-90% no condensation
Operating temperature 10°C~40°C
Motor system Micro stepping motor
Mode of transmission X/Y AXIS synchronous belt ,Z AXIS precison ball screw
Dimensions 485*505*610 585*610*610 685*700*610
Net Weight 34kg 41kg 52kg

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