Y&D7400SR Series automatic soldering machine

Brief description:Product Description: automatic soldering machine also known as soldering robot is mainly applicable to the soldering of temperature sensitive electronic components in the soldering process of the rear section of SMT and the post soldering process o...

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Detailed introduction

Product introduction:

It is mainly applicable to the temperature sensitive electronic components in the SMT post soldering process, and the post soldering process of components that cannot pass through the reflow welder due to heat sensitivity. It is generally used for PCB welding of various plug-ins, aiming at the welding of PCB solder joints with scattered distribution and changeable direction; The welding gun has the function of 360 degree rotation and 45 degree angle welding. It is an automatic soldering machine with a wide range of uses. The company's automatic soldering machine has a variety of soldering methods, and all process parameters can be set by customers to adapt to various difficult soldering operations and micro soldering processes, which can effectively improve the quality of soldering process and easily realize soldering automation.

Product parameters:

Item Y&D7300SR Y&D7400SR Y&D7500SR
X/Y/Z working area (mm) 300/300/100/360° 400/400/100/360° 500/500/100/360°
Max Load  Y/Z Axis 5.0kg  / 8.0kg
Speed  X&Y/Z (mm/sec) 0.1~600mm/sec
Repeatability Positioning Accutacy +/- 0.02mm / axis
Heating power 150-300W
Data memory Min 100 programs, 4000 points/program
Heating temperature range 0°C~550°C
Operation system PTP (point to point) & CP (continuous path)
Interpolation linear/circular 4 axis
Program  method Teach pendant
Power supply 110-220V
Working Relative Humidity 20-90% no condensation
Operating temperature 0~40°C
Motor system  Stepping Motor+Linear slide rail
Dimension 485*505*760 585*610*760 685*700*820
Weight  36kg 43kg 54kg

Scope of application:

(1) Suitable for electronic automobile, integrated circuit, printed circuit, color package LCD screen, motor, temperature sensitive electronic component welding, connector, cable, small cable, horn and motor, etc.

(2) It is used to weld various electronic components, such as capacitors, data lines, resistors, row pins, row wires, RJ45, motor terminals, led, remote control board, shielding cover and other perforated plug-ins.

(more fields: semiconductor products: LSI, IC, hybrid IC, CSP, BGA, etc. Optical products: cameras, cameras, etc. Electronic / mechanical parts, printed main board, small switch, capacitor, variable resistor, crystal oscillator, LCD, magnetic head, relay, connector, engine, transformer, etc. General household appliances: DVD, audio equipment, car navigation system, video game console, TV, radio, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. Precision machinery / electrical products: VTR, video camera, electronic clock, personal computer, PDA, printer, copier, calculator, LCD TV, medical devices, etc. Large mechanical products: motorcycles, automobiles, ships, aircraft, man-made satellites, etc. Office supplies / general consumer goods: typewriters, toys, musical instruments, CDs, batteries, etc.)


Product features:

1. Single station working mode is adopted;

2. With the functions of spot welding and drag welding (pull welding), the high-power ceramic heating core with rapid heating can make the temperature of the soldering iron head reach 360 ° C within 30 seconds, and can be quickly warmed back in the soldering process.

3. Temperature control is based on the principle of high-frequency eddy current heating to realize batch Wuxi solder. The program has the functions of datum point correction, replication, array, automatic positioning and so on. The machine editing is simple and fast.

4. The equipment can store operating procedures. The same machine can solder different styles of products. It can externally input control signals or provide control signal output.

5. The spring buffer pressure of solder chuck can be fine tuned to reduce the damage to the pad. The soldering iron head can be designed according to customer needs to solve the soldering process of products more quickly.

6. The mechanical arms of the equipment are aluminum profile open die casting, driven by multi axis linkage manipulator and precision stepping motor. The tin feeding mode is intelligent. Multi section tin feeding is adopted, and the parameters of each section tin feeding can be set freely.

7. The tin feeding device is equipped with Wuxi tin card alarm function and has automatic cleaning function. It adopts air blowing cleaning, which can easily blow off the residual tin slag on the soldering iron head.

Application scope:

Suitable for home appliances, toys, communications, medical devices, LED / new energy, automobile, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries.

Application case:

Used for welding various electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, pins, wires, RJ45, motor terminals, led, remote control board, shielding cover and other perforated plug-ins.




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