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Difference between pneumatic and electric dispensing valve

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Dispensing valves are pneumatic and electric
Pneumatic: the dispensing valve is connected up and down by the cylinder, valve body and material cylinder. The cylinder and valve body are separated by advanced sealing materials to prevent the glue from entering the cylinder. The dispensing valve body is connected with the material cylinder and the cylinder to ensure the concentricity with the cylinder. The solenoid valve pneumatic cylinder is used to drive the up and down movement of the central rod, and the up and down movement of the central rod is used to open and close the glue. According to the different ways of opening and closing, they can be divided into: plunger type, thimble type, lift type, spray type and spray type. Different ways of opening and closing apply to different fluids. The glue dispensing valve of the suction nozzle adopts an upward moving glue closing structure to make the glue stop and instantly disconnect the back suction at the same time, so as to reduce the residual glue on the broken glue residual needle, so that there is no leakage, wire drawing and other phenomena in glue dispensing. The rubber valve body is anodized by aluminum alloy, the sealing material is the latest tetrafluoro material, and some contact with rubber are corrosion-resistant materials.
Electrical: including pump body and transmission parts, equipped with stator, easy to install. Stator and rotor structure design, good sealing; The rotating and fixed pairs are self sealing structure, which is convenient to replace. The medium conveying function is realized by the directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity. The transmission process has no effect on media performance. By turning the motor, it is convenient to realize the medium suction back function and ensure that the medium and materials are clean, free of drip and pollution!

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