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Three methods of cleaning dispensing machine are recommended

Release date:2021-08-24 10:00   Views:
1、 Cleaning dispenser for organic chemical appliances.
Dichloromethane and DMF organic solvent were selected as the solvent for mixed cleaning and dispensing. This cleaning method is the most reasonable and the cost is relatively low. However, because the mixing of the two liquids will produce irritant gas, which is easy to evaporate in the gas and will cause certain environmental pollution to the natural environment of our daily life, people should avoid the application of this method as much as possible in our daily life, It's not a top priority. People still don't have to choose this way to clean the machinery and equipment of the dispensing machine.
2、 High pressure water dispensing machine.
High pressure water washing dispenser, which is widely used by many companies, is a cleaning method of dispenser machinery and equipment. Although this cleaning method wastes a lot of water and causes some chemical wastewater to a certain extent, it is contrary to the above chemical cleaning method of dispenser machinery and equipment, which is quite environmentally friendly, It's still worth promoting everyone's application!
3、 Choose environmentally friendly organic solvent to clean the dispenser.
From the perspective of ecological and environmental protection, this type of dispenser cleaning method has the most market promotion value. However, due to the fact that this method must be equipped with professional cleaning system software and environmental protection organic solvent, it has caused a high cost to a certain extent, and generally small and medium-sized enterprises can not accept this method, Therefore, when people choose the cleaning method of dispensing machine, it should be determined according to the specific situation of the enterprise itself.

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