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Y&D7000C Series curve dividing machine

Brief description:Y&D7000C series curve dividing machine I. product features 1. Desktop single workbench dividing machine with a speed of up to 100mm / s and a positioning speed of 500mm / S; 2. The high-quality rotating shaft system enables the system to accele...

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Detailed introduction

Product introduction:

■Destop single table cutting machine, speed can be reached at 100mm/s, positioning speed can reach at 500mm/s

■High quality of rotating axis system which can make quickly acceleration and deceleration, save synachronous time,improve working efficiency, at the same time

       ■Using high quality hardwar to make sure its high stiffness and perormance;

■All guide screws are covered to prevent dust& dirt get in, thus improve the life and performance of rotating axis;

       ■With the function of automatic dust collection




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