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New breakthrough of hot melt glue dispenser[ 11-29 10:16 ]
Y&D IC Series can be achieved by pneumatic valves and interchangeable nozzles to achieve uniform, customized dispensing.The system reduces operating costs by extending the life of the cartridge and reducing the width of the tape.
The definition of the dispensing machine[ 11-29 10:07 ]
Dispensing machine, also called automatic dispensing machine, glue machine, coating machine, spary machine, adhesive machine, is designed to control fluid, and automatic machine, liquid drip cover, coating, packing in internal products or product surface. Dispensers are mainly used for glue, oil, paint and other liquids in the process of products. They are precise, irrigated, injected, coated and dripping to the precise location of each product. They can be combined with three axis platform to achieve dot, line drawing, arc or arc and irregular graphics.
Tank CE Certification[ 06-27 11:07 ]
Tank CE Certification
Y&D9000 Series table CE Certification[ 06-27 11:03 ]
Y&D9000 Series table CE Certification
ISO9001[ 06-12 11:48 ]
The selection principles and basic characteristics of the glue[ 06-12 10:51 ]
The choice of dispensing machine principle: 1, glue: ordinary glue point with one-component adhesive machine, AB glue using double liquid dispensing machine, PU adhesive using PU adhesive glue machine, UV glue using specific cylinder dispensing.
Dispensing machine to make the worry and effort[ 06-12 10:30 ]
With the rapid development of modern society & economic, the machine to replace manual is an inevitable situation. Of course include the dispensing machine. Dispensing machine is dedicated to control fluid, and fluid drip, surface coating in the product or products within the automatic machine.
Dispensing quantity is equal to the quality of dispensing[ 06-12 10:29 ]
Now the trend is recommended for all components of the double glue points, and located in the outer edge of the element, the bonding quality assured, in other words, even if one of the gel point appear quality problem, there is a glue points have the effect of coherence.
Precision dispensing machine cycles[ 06-12 10:28 ]
Using LED microcomputer control circuit, digital dial disc time setting, guaranteeing the accuracy and repeatability of dispensing machine dispensing cycles. Adjust the minimum seconds of time, can obtain micro dispensing quantity change.
The more thick, the glue not adhere to it[ 06-12 10:27 ]
Bonding of the object, is to rely on tensile strength of the polymer volume of glue. Polymer body slowly permeated the objects within the organization. After disappear when solvent in glue, glue the polymer body will depend on each other, the tension between the two objects tightly together.
The requirement of glue dispensing machine[ 06-12 10:25 ]
1. The glue should have the opportunity of thixotropic characteristic 2. No wire drawing; 3. Wet high intensity; 4. No bubble; 5. Glue low curing temperature, curing time is short; 6.With enough curing strength;
High quality dispensing needles can prolong the service life of the glue[ 06-12 10:23 ]
A good dispensing manipulator to deserve good dispensing needles. Dongguan yi da dispensing machine co., LTD., independent research and development of precision stainless steel needles, precision manufacturing stainless steel needles has high precision.
The benefits of using automatic dispensing machine sealing glue[ 06-12 10:22 ]
1. High production capacity, at least one times or more capacity than artificial sealant. 2. Amount evenly. Artificial sealant glue sizes phenomenon, is not conducive to the material control, less dispensing machine.
Epoxy resin glue temperature[ 06-12 10:21 ]
General epoxy resin glue should be stored at 0 ~ 5 ℃ refrigerator, took out half hour early when using, make the water temperature in accordance with the work environment.
Glue filling design process matters needing attention[ 06-12 09:57 ]
Filling glue dispensing machine design process considerations (yi da) dongguan yi da point glue factory, glue filling the effective use of requirements with many factors, including product design, to meet the need of rubber filling process and products.
In the use of glue the problems and solutions[ 06-12 09:54 ]
How to solve the dispensing machine in the industry of these problems? Specific have the following to solve the problems in the glue. 1, the size of the dispensing quantity. According to the work experience, the size of the adhesive dot diameter should be the half of bonding pad spacing, patch after adhesive dot diameter should be 1.5 times the diameter of the gel point.
What is proportion to tune glue?[ 06-12 09:47 ]
A, the body If the two kinds of glue on the gate front mixed, can reduce the waste of glue, but also conducive to glue mixing. Makes the glue dispensing machine for matching, meet the technological requirements of glue.
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