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Product Name: V-702 Micro Diaphragm Valve

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    • Product Details: It is small in size that is suitable for install space limitations or which need to install on mobile machinery.
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     V-702 Micro Diaphragm Valve




    1.Unique design that eliminate air bubble & residual air.

    2.Stroke adjustment for wrong action prevention.

    3.Quick and clean in interrupt glue, also can eliminate leakage.

    4.Faster processing capacity.


    Suitable Fluid

    UV glue, Solvent, Dye, Coating.


    Technical Parameters

    Model V-702
    Dimensions L66*Φ19mm
    Weight  62g
    Pressure to start the valve 70Psi
    Max Working Frequency 500/min
    Glue viscosity 5000~150000cps
    Fluid Inlet Thread Rc 1/8 Inner teeth
    Valve Material Stainless steel 
    Flow Groove Material Stainless steel 
    Diaphragm Material Polyethylene


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