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Product Name: Y&D7000N-W Desktop double liquid automatic dispensing machine

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    • Product Details: Use volume measuring technique,Push the glue out of the container at a constant rate,the pressure is stable and the speed is uniform.Adopt Servo motor+Reducer collocation TBI high-precision screw pushing way.High precision of gluing, repeatability accuracy reached +/-0.02.Apply to 50ml 1:1,2:1,4:1,5:1,10:1 etc.400ml 1:1,2:1 two component glue.
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     Y&D7000N-W Desktop double liquid automatic dispensing machine

    Basic Information:

    Program Display:LCD

    Programming method:Teach Pendant

    Power Supply:AC90-260V 320W

    Working Temperature:0-40℃


    Working Relative Humidity:20-90% no condensation

    working range:

    Y&D7300N-W  300/300/100mm

    Y&D7400N-W  400/400/100mm


    Max Load Y/Z Axis :20Kg/10Kg

    Speed X&Y/Z (mm/sec):0.1-400/320

    Resolution :0.01mm/Axis

    Repetitive Positioning Accuracy:±0.01mm/Axis

    Drive mode:servo motor+Precision screw+Linear guide rail

    Glue supply mode:servo motor+Precision screw

    Dispensing mode:SMC needle valve

    Program Capacity :Min 100 Group,4000 Points/group

    Data storage type:CF Card

    Operation mode:3 axis Point-to-point、Continuous straight line、Arc

    I/O Signals Port:8 Inputs/8 Outputs


    External Control Interface:RS232

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