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Product Name: JET 6000 Jet Valve

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    • Product Details: JET 6000 Jet Valve is a knid of non-contact Jet dispensing valve which can be high speed & controable capacity dispensing for variety knids of fluids, adhesives, such as underfill glue, sealant, epoxy adhesive, UV glue, conductive adhesive, silver glue, red glue, surface-mount adhesive, coating glue, Ink, siliconeoil, Enzyme, etc. It not only can jetting in the narrow space of 100nm, but also can do 0.01mg precision jetting in specified.
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          JET 6000 Jet Valve


    This kind of valve is widely used in SMT, FPC & PCB assembly industry, LED packaging industry,
    energy industry, electro-acoustic industry, life science, optics, MEMS, RFID and other industry that
    need high precision & efficiency, no-contact and space limitations.
    Non-contact working principle which can largely avoid interference between nozzle and workpiece.
    High consistency, its dimensions can be as small as 5nl, its flow speed can reach at 300g/min(100z/min).
    Add heating module to control viscosity of the liquid, simple modular design which can be easy integration.
    Technical Parameters:                                 Focus Application
    Dimensions: L155*H125*W30mm                                                     Underfilling
    Weight: 600g                                                                                  Pin coating
    Base & Nozzle: High wear-resisting nanomaterials                                Precision coating
    Max working frequency: 200HZ                                                          Binding
    Min pressure to start the valve: 0.6Mpa( 90Psi)                                    Surface-mount
    Max setting heating temperature: 99.9℃                                             Stack Package
    Nozzle Diameter: 0.07-0.84mm variety kinds can be selected                 Sealant
    Size of Jetting point: >0.05ul                                                              Filling
    Other optional components:
    Heating modules:                       Optional nozzle components
    30CC Barrel Washer V-6000M05                  0.1mm nozzle component V-6000M09
    50CC Barrel Washer V-6000M04                  0.25mm nozzle component V-6000M10
    4mm Tube Barb Fittings V-600050                0.4mm nozzle component V-6000M13
    4mm Tube Barb Fittings V-600051                0.6mm nozzle component V-6000M12
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