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Service support

Thank you very much for your trust and support of our products.

About the company to provide products, our company to provide services as follows:

1, automatic dispensing equipment delivery, technical specialist debug (client) on site commissioning and free training personnel, the church.

2, product to date, provide regular maintenance, ask use electricity to visit three times a year.

3, during the period of product warranty, equipment caused by non-artificial reason problems are within the scope of free warranty; Establish equipment random number files, a detailed record of equipment manufacturing date, model, configuration, delivery location, etc.

4, during the warranty period for all the problems for the device itself, the company will provide free services, and promised in urban areas within 24 hours to 48 hours to reach outside (city), and with the fastest speed as far as possible to shorten the time of maintenance, to ensure your company's normal operation.

5, during the warranty period, if there are any customer complaint events, after understand the cause of the equipment malfunction, immediately inform the area manager or regional agents, and seasonable pay a return visit, follow-up, to ensure that the product after-sales service, set up the brand image and product image.

6, at any time, for caused by the human is unable to control and save all the damage to the equipment (natural disasters, lightning) or man-made damage, are not within the scope of free warranty of our company, we also provide maintenance for you, and the appropriate fee.

7, products beyond the warranty period, we will continue to your fault is responsible for the maintenance of all equipment, discretion charge a cost.

Welcome you to our service put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions, we will do all we can provide you with high quality and fast service.



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Tel: +86-769-85705386

Email: info@dispensing.cc

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