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What is proportion to tune glue?[ 06-12 09:47 ]
A, the body If the two kinds of glue on the gate front mixed, can reduce the waste of glue, but also conducive to glue mixing. Makes the glue dispensing machine for matching, meet the technological requirements of glue.
What is the dispenser?[ 06-10 09:45 ]
Dispenser is above the need to patch the PCB board positions in advance a special glue point to fixed-chip components, curing and then after wave soldering. Dispensing is based on the program automatically.
How to use and maintain dispenser?[ 06-10 09:43 ]
(1) Dispensing key equipment used to implement "four": 1) given the use of personnel. At fixed man-machine system, the selection of the type of work in the strong sense of responsibility, high level of technical and practical experience of many workers to serve as operator, and remained relatively stable as possible.
How to control the amount of glue dispensing machine use?[ 06-10 09:40 ]
Dispenser Controller Features: 1, handheld box with 320 * 240 high resolution color display, full Chinese operation interface, easy to use. 2, with the draw points, lines, continuous line, arc, circle, ellipse, runways, from the shape, spiral wire, coated, irregular three-dimensional spline interpolation and combined continuous polylines and other graphic elements. Hand to teach the rich functionality.
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